Descent Rebirth Setup Guide

There are already a fair number of these around the ‘net. But I wanted to give my friends and readers somewhere convenient to come if they were interested in my take on it.

Links and Resources

First, all the links you’ll need:

  • DXX-Rebirth project home page.
  • My own personal OneDrive for the game CD data you’ll need to go with it.
  • 7-zip, which you’ll need in order to extract (un-zip) the OneDrive packages (zip files). You could also use whatever un-archiver you prefer.

And some you might want:

  • Descent Mission Database – for a fairly navigable list of fan-built levels to try out. (Just don’t register for an account; you don’t need one, and it’s not SSL-certified.)
  • DXX-Rebirth Github page – for those who want to help keep the legacy going.
  • D2X-XL – a similar but more ambitious project that also plays well with modern systems, but can be dizzying with the sheer amount of new features and enhancements it contains.
  • DescentBB forums – for all your burning questions and nostalgia!


Next, a brief set of instructions for you to follow, assuming you’re running Windows 7 or up. (They support MacOS too, there’s just a tiny bit more setup process involved.)

  1. Download the Windows package from Dxx-Rebirth
  2. Download and install 7-zip if you don’t already have it (or another program capable of extracting .zip files)
  3. Extract the contents of the Dxx-Rebirth package to your hard drive.
    • It’s not a traditional “app install”, so it doesn’t actually need to go thru the standard “next, next, finish” install-wizard you might be used to. It’s “self contained”, if you will.
    • As an example, I put mine in C:\Games\Descent. It will then create 2 sub-folders under that: D1X-Rebirth, and D2X-Rebirth. D1X is the original Descent; D2X is Descent 2 (the sequel).
  4. Now, download the “game-files” and “movies” zip packages from my OneDrive public folder. Extract the contents of the D1 file to the D1X folder as mentioned above. And likewise for the D2 files to the D2X folder.
    1. Side-note: you don’t technically NEED the “movies” packages – they’re purely superficial and the game will run fine without them. But then you’ll miss out on the cool intro cinematic and character backstory. Ya know, if you care about such things. But if you don’t wanna wait for those downloads, just go ahead an skip right past ’em.
  5. Optionally, create a shortcut on your desktop to the main game .exe’s — in my example, C:\Games\Descent\D1X-Rebirth\d1x-rebirth.exe and C:\Games\Descent\D2X-Rebirth\d2x-rebirth.exe.

Presto, you’re done! Now go enjoy some sweet sweet ’90s nostalgia and play a pair of the best damn games ever made.

dxx-rebirth logo
DXX-Rebirth: the way it was meant to be played!

Good luck material defender!

Dravis, out.

Bonus: Missions! (Maps)

I’ve uploaded a couple packages of “maps” (missions) for sharing, because unfortunately the native Rebirth multiplayer game-tracker does not support peer-to-peer downloading. I.e. I can’t host a game with a map that you don’t have and expect you to join. So, I give you: “” for multi-player “anarchy” mode (you and your friends try to kill each other), and “” for when you want to be nice and cooperate to take on the evil ‘bots together.

To “install”, simply download the zip packages to your D2x-Rebirth\Missions folder, and extract them! Here’s what the folder structure looks like, in my example:

These are by no means a complete or representative set of ALL the maps I’ve enjoyed over the years, but it’s enough to get going for a small group of friends on a game-night. Enjoy!